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BRIAN SCHERMAN is the founder of Iconic Sonic.He has over a decade of experience creating and integrating Sonic Identities for AT&T, Lexus, Southwest Airlines, and many others.Brian brings deep creativity together with technical expertise, designing interaction sounds for autonomous vehicles, critical alerts and alarms for medical devices, and ambiences for wellness experiences.He founded Iconic Sonic to help brands leverage the incredible power of great Sonic Branding and Sonic Design for experiences of today and the future.

Brian Scherman


Let's explore how sound could transform your brand or experience, emotionally connecting your customers and audiences like never before.

Sonic Strategy

Sonic Strategy

Explore how sonic could transform your experience.

Original Sound Creation

Sonic Branding

Create a distinct and memorable Sonic Identity for your brand or experience.

Sonic Design

Sonic Design

Develop unique and intuitive interaction sounds and ambiences for apps, games, or products.

Sonic Strategy

Sonic Strategy

Even if you're not ready to begin a Sonic Branding or Sonic Design project, exploring a Sonic Strategy shows how the incredible power of sonic could transform your brand, product, app, or experience.Engaging Sonic Workshops help you discover your unique sound, Audit and Analysis uncovers your competitive or aspirational sonic landscape (and where there's an opportunity to stand out). Creative Concepts illuminate the "Big Idea" to tie your sonic identity together.

Sonic Branding

Sonic Branding

Create a memorable Sonic Identity that will tie your brand or experience together, and connect you emotionally with your customers like never before.This could include assets like a Sonic Logo which acts as the audio representation of your brand or experience, branded Interaction Sounds for key moments in apps or products, and subtly branded Ambiences for immersive spaces.

Implementation Support

Sonic Design

Sound plays a critical role in the experience of an app or product. Make sure you're utilizing great Sonic Design principles to create sounds that are engaging and intuitive.These could include an inviting Welcome Moment as well as functional Interaction Sounds to help delight customers as they navigate your app or product. Infinitely looping Ambiences create a digital environment for game lobbies, loading screens, or wellness experiences.


Whether you're a small startup or a global organization, we seamlessly guide you through our process with amazing client experience. We work as an extension of your team, along with any partner agencies, to make sure everyone is aligned and invested to get the most out of our work together.



Explore how sonic could transform your experience



The creation and evaluation of your original sonic assets



Ensure that your assets work perfectly in all environments



Get the most out of your sonic assets with PR and press ideas


Netflix After School Sonic Logo

Created in Partnership with Netflix Music Lab

American Express Payment Sound

Created in Partnership with Made Music Studio

Southwest Airlines Sonic Logo

Co-Created with Dannielle Venne

Netflix Night School Sonic Logo

Created in Partnership with Netflix Music Lab

Foveate Sonic Identity

Sawft Product Ambience


"Brian was the perfect choice to help us shape our world through sound.”

Ian Petrarca and Kitae Kim

Co-Founders at Foveate

"Brian has an innate understanding of the emotional impact of any sonic branding asset."

Joe Sauer

Researcher and Marketing Strategist

“Brian approached our high-stakes, high-impact medical software project with care and empathy.”

Maya Friedman

Digital Product Specialist

"Brian expertly leverages iconic sounds that are meaningful and strategic."

Bill Schiffmiller

CEO at Akoio Enterprises, inc

"Brian combines profound creativity with technological expertise."

Kevin Perlmutter

Brand Strategist

"Some of the best public educational UX sound content I've seen."

Harrison Zafrin

UX Sound Designer


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